About us and where we meet

Programme 2021

All meetings are suspended for the moment with Covid-19. We will post details of new talks as soon as the present lockdown is over and in the meantime, take care and stay safe. We are hoping to start talks again in the autumn and will let you know as soon as events have been finalised.

During lock down our president Christine kept notes of her outdoor pursuits and says: With this enforced time at home in April, I was able to spend more time gardening and enjoying my garden. The early flowering lungworts, primroses, brilliant blue alkanet and rosemary bushes have been buzzing with bees. New, fresh leaves growing on the mint, marjoram, sweet woodruff and catmint. Many tiny, tight buds forming on the honeysuckle and elder, giving a promise of masses of flowers to come!

In June, she says her living room was filled with the scent of drying herbs – elderflowers from the allotment; rose petals (deep pink Apothecary’s Rose, dark velvety red William Shakespeare and citrus scented, yellow and pink Lady Emma Hamilton); purple sage, and vanilla-scented sweet woodruff.  The fragrance is intense – strong vanilla and honey definitely, with a pleasing mix of new mown hay…

Who we are

The group was formed in 1996 by Medical Herbalist, Mary Barton. We are a friendly and informal group that welcomes everyone with an interest in herbs. Our membership includes qualified medical herbalists but the majority are enthusiastic amateurs.

What we do

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month (except January). Topics covered in our meetings include the propagation of herbs, herbs in cooking, aromatherapy, herbs in cosmetics, herbs for use around the house, pot pourri making, planning a herb garden, companion planting and the medicinal properties of herbs.

We have guest speakers covering all manner of subjects including the history and folklore of herbs; corn dollies and many more.

In addition to these talks, we arrange visits to places of herbal interest and have social events in summer and winter where everyone brings something herbal to eat or drink.

The meetings also feature a plant stall where members’ spare plants are sold at a reasonable price. This enables us to broaden our collection of the more unusual herbs while the money goes towards group expenses.

Where we meet

The group normally meets at 8pm on the first Wednesday of each month at St Bonaventure’s Church Hall, 83 Parkway, Welwyn Garden City, Herts AL8 6JF