About us and where we meet

Programme 2018:


8 pm on Wednesday 1st May

Energy Medicine

by Lucy Blunden

Energy – does yours feel lacking?

Join us in discovering the herbs which keep us alert and ready for our fast-paced lives whilst knowing when to step back and rest. Lucy is a medical herbalist in Hemel Hempstead who loves rooting out the causes of poor health and gives you tools to help yourself back to balance. Lucy will share an energy routine, harnessing the body’s own energy, to transform each day.

Entry Members £5.00, non-members £6.00

Light refreshments included.

Guests welcome.

Our previous talk was on April 3rd

The Rose – Wilderness to Wonder by Anne Luder

Anne will take us on a journey around the ancient rose world from the age of the dinosaur to about 2,000 years ago to discover the surprising history of the “English Rose”. Anne is a retired lecturer in therapeutic horticulture for people with severe physical disabilities. She worked at Capel Manor College for over eighteen years, developing the provision of horticulture therapy there. Anne also works as a garden designer, designing both public and private gardens.

Entry:  HHG Members £4.50, non-members £5.50

Light refreshments included.

Guests welcome.

Wednesday 5th June 

St Bonaventure’s Church Hall, Parkway Welwyn Garden City.

This workshop, led by Louise Lotz, will begin with an introduction focusing on the safe use of aromatherapy oils, and the healing powers of high altitude lavender and other aromatherapy oils. This will be followed by a short workshop allowing participants to make plant based aromatherapy nasal inhalers. Participants will be provided with a leaflet containing a few recipes for these inhalers, allowing for them also to make others later at home.
Things to bring small sandwich tray or plastic, glass or ceramic? Small bottle of alcohol based hand sanitizer.

Our previous workshop on Oxymels was led by by medical herbalist Sophia Forrester.

One of the most beautiful things about herbs is their ability to be used in such a wide variety of ways. Sophia Forrester led a practical workshop where we learned about and learn herbal oxymels and how to make your own! Oxymels, from the Latin oxymeli meaning “acid and honey”, are an herbal extraction made using apple cider vinegar and honey. The vinegar provides a base for the product and the plants materials are soaked in the vinegar which can pull out the medicinal components. The finished product is mixed with honey. Water can also be added to the vinegar if the final product is too tart to be palatable.

December meeting

corn dolliesWednesday 5th December 8 pm St Bonaventure’s Church Parkway Welwyn Garden City.

We made wreaths and table decoration for Christmas using natural materials that were supplied. The entrance fee of five pounds covered the cost of materials for this hands-on workshop.

In November we heard about The History and Folklore of Corn Dollies By Jane Woolman, who  explained the significance of corn dollies in past times; the symbolism in their varied designs, and their connection through folklore with the success of the harvest and wellbeing of the community.
She demonstrated how corn dollies are made and there was a variety of different styles available to buy.

HHG Members £3.50, non-members £4.50
Light refreshments included.
Guests welcome.

8pm at St. Bonaventure’s Church Hall, Parkway, Welwyn Garden City AL8 6JF.

8pm on Wednesday 6th June

‘Wayside Herbs of early Summer’

By Medical Herbalist Lucy Blunden

Lucy allowed us to touch, sniff, taste and sense your way into common wayside
herbs such as black horehound and mugwort.

Entry:  HHG Members £3.00, non-members £4.00
Light refreshments included. Visitors welcome.

Who we are

The group was formed in 1996 by Medical Herbalist, Mary Barton. We are a friendly and informal group that welcomes everyone with an interest in herbs. Our membership includes qualified medical herbalists but the majority are enthusiastic amateurs.

What we do

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month (except January). Topics covered in our meetings include the propagation of herbs, herbs in cooking, aromatherapy, herbs in cosmetics, herbs for use around the house, pot pourri making, planning a herb garden, companion planting and the medicinal properties of herbs.

We have guest speakers covering all manner of subjects including the history and folklore of herbs; corn dollies and many more.

In addition to these talks, we arrange visits to places of herbal interest and have social events in summer and winter where everyone brings something herbal to eat or drink.

The meetings also feature a plant stall where members’ spare plants are sold at a reasonable price. This enables us to broaden our collection of the more unusual herbs while the money goes towards group expenses.

Where we meet

The group normally meets at 8pm on the first Wednesday of each month at St Bonaventure’s Church Hall, 83 Parkway AL8 6JF in Welwyn Garden City, Herts.